[Pdx-pm] Making web pages that display "working on your request"

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 17:05:31 PDT 2007

# from Michael G Schwern
# on Monday 30 July 2007 04:39 pm:

>Yep, that's Ajax all right.

Or, you can just put a refresh in the header and have enough persistent 
info on the server to know when the page is ready.  Return the 
'refresh' page until you get the real one.  No JS needed.  If you know 
it will take 3 seconds, say "This will take about 3 seconds".  If they 
get impatient and hit refresh, say "Your interwebs will be ready in 2.7 
seconds, light only travels at 299,792,458 m/s."  A little more state 
on the server (maybe), but a bookmark-able and proxy-cacheable url, and 
it works on your phone, etc.

But maybe you really want javascript.

>Most Javascript frameworks handle this 
> for you. I like Prototype myself as it small enough for me to wrap my
> brain around.

I think more than one person (or just one very loud bloke) at OSCON 
declared Prototype to be "the matt's script archive for javascript" and 
hailed Dojo for exercising release engineering, discipline, etc.

I'm just the messenger, though I *did* look at the Prototype code once 
and it *did* hurt.

We who cut mere stones must always be envisioning cathedrals.
--Quarry worker's creed

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