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Ingy dot Net ingy at ingy.net
Tue Jul 10 11:55:31 PDT 2007

On 09/07/07 08:58 -0700, Randal L. Schwartz wrote:
> >>>>> "Michael" == Michael Rasmussen <mikeraz at patch.com> writes:
> Michael> Schwern demonstrably believes one is (needed|beneficial).
> I'm not sure about that, hence my question.  It may be that he set it up
> "because he could".  As in the "Build it, and they will come" sort of way.
> But that doesn't make for a successful wiki... you have to promote it, and

The promotion seems to be happening. I'm aware of it already. :)

> have people who can manage vandalism, and have software that makes watching

This wiki is LoginToEdit which should minimize the spam.

> recent changes of the pages you're interested in very easy to help manage the
> vandalism.  (Aside: I think that's why wikimedia has succeeded where others
> have not, because I can watch a select set of recent changes, not needing to
> watch the whole thing.  Can Socialtext do the same?)

If you login to the wiki, you'll notice a grey star in the upper right corner
of each page. Click on it (it turns blue) and you've added it to your 
watchlist. If you go to the watchlist page:


then you'll see an RSS link that you can use to follow pages.

Cheers, Ingy

PS Schwern: When I login I get redirected to:


instead of:


Please fix.

Cheers, Ingy

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