[Pdx-pm] Dead Kittens

Donald Richardson me at donaldrichardson.net
Sun Jul 8 19:04:03 PDT 2007

> Bad metaphor or completely appropriate....???
> Who wants to work with dead kittens?  Not me.  I don't even want to play
> with them.
> How do you (me, others) know which ones are playful, which ones are
> dangerous, which ones are dead, and which ones are up for heavy lifting?!?

My reference to my module being a dead kitten was a playful metaphor used
self-deprecatingly.  I definitely would not submit something to CPAN that
does not offer something new and valuable to the perl programmer. I just
meant that the problem domain, and hence the amount of work and thought
required, is much smaller for my module than it would be for something like

Perhaps, the metaphor wasn't appropriate, but I will sacrifice appropriate
for funny any day. In the future, people will reminisce about these postings
and say, "Remember that guy and the dead kittens? What the hell did he have
against them?" And that, my friends, is as beautiful a remembering as anyone
can hope for.  

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