[Pdx-pm] DBI middle ground

Michael Rasmussen mikeraz at patch.com
Mon Jan 29 08:03:57 PST 2007

I'm querying a large data set.  The current code works something like:

   while( @lease_information = $lease->fetchrow_array) {
         modification of data, plugging in defaults where currently null
         ensuring constraints are met
         # another_db_sth is an update command

I don't have control over the source database, so the changes need to be made in
my code.

This takes longer to execute than I'd like.  I can't just do a fetchall or
selectall because the dataset is larger than my available memory.  Nor have I
found a middle ground.

Is there one?  If so, that I may study up, what are references to it?

   Michael Rasmussen, Portland, Ore, USA
  Be Appropriate && Follow Your Curiosity

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