[Pdx-pm] Portable Animation in web browsers

Jeff Zucker jeff at vpservices.com
Mon Jan 15 11:02:10 PST 2007

Andrew Clapp wrote:
> I am currently investigating using css and lots of javascript (not 
> mine, see this link),
> http://tiny.verilan.com/cgi-bin/ev.cgi?rm=view_scroll&schedule_id=4&day=2007-01-20 
> <http://tiny.verilan.com/cgi-bin/ev.cgi?rm=view_scroll&schedule_id=4&day=2007-01-20>
> and although I have succeeded with impatience (it kinda works, but is 
> very buggy) and laziness (someone else's 2500+ lines of javascript), 
> my hubris seems to think it should be possible to implement this in a 
> better, more portable and perl-like way.  Also, debugging this 
> javascript has become less than fun.
> Can anyone here suggest a way to do something like this in pure perl 
> (or close),
Not sure what you mean by "like this" but one of the easiest ways to go 
between Perl and JavaScript is with the CPAN modules JSON::SYCK or 
JSON.  You create all your data structures in Perl, convert them all 
into JavaScript structures with a single statement, then send them to 
the client where they can be poured into JavaScript widgets.

There is also JSAN (not related to JSON) which is JavaScript 
CPAN-act-alike.  It contains a number of JavaScript modules that are 
written with a Perlish flavour.


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