[Pdx-pm] Wed 10.Jan - Jiftini - Jifty and a Martini

Michael G Schwern schwern at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 10:57:04 PST 2007


Schwern is giving a jiffy talk (one hour) covering the basics of Jifty, Best Practical's new web development framework with a pony. We'll be walking through the basics of developing a simple application highlighting Jifty's strengths. Audience participation is encouraged, so if you have a laptop install Jifty now.


There will be a beverage service during the talk, martinis. Audience members are encouraged to bring their own glass. A couple shakers and at least one bottle of vermouth and booze will be provided. It is encouraged to bring additional booze and martini fixins (olives, bitters, etc...). Wacky martini variations encouraged. Non-drinkers are encouraged to bring something fancy to sip.

Restless people will be duct-taped (or is that duck-typed?). Duct tape to be paid for by the non-member surcharge.

Meeting adjourns to the usual place for the quasi-annual Game Night. Please bring your games!

What You Can Do

    * Bring a game for game night
    * Have Jifty installed
    * Read up a bit on http://jifty.org
    * Bring a glass
    * Bring some martini fixins
    * Bring additional vermouth and booze
    * Volunteer to play bartender
    * Suggest an opening movie


Schwern will be arriving back in PDX at 5pm that night, so there's a chance he may not make it. In that case,

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