[Pdx-pm] Ask PDX.PM: SVK 2.0 on Win32

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 14:10:36 PST 2007

# from Kris Bosland
# on Friday 05 January 2007 12:50 pm:

>Actually, I am using 1.1.2 server side, and 1.2.3 client side (as
>part of TortiseSVN 1.2.6).  I think I will recheck my server side
>available software and see if I can update my server.

Shouldn't it "just work"?  Note that svk only needs to be compatible 
with your local svn libs.  Your svn libs should be compatible with 
pretty old servers.


  "any 1.X client will work with a 1.Y server"


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