[Pdx-pm] help with archivemail (python) ??

John Springer john at digitalmx.com
Fri Feb 9 20:19:15 PST 2007

I'm trying to use a python program called archivemail to manage
a bunch of user mailboxes.  Sorry for the foreign language
request but I'm calling it from a perl script so i should
get partial credit.

I don't know squat about python.
The program is putting stuff in the wrong temp directory
and I can't figure out how to fix it.

It's using /tmp and it needs to be /usr/tmp on my system because]
/tmp is a small partition.  It's crashing with out-of-space on

I can't for the life of me follow where the temp path is coming from.
Can anyone give me some guidance?

Here's some key statements i think:

	import tempfile  (seems to be a python module.. i'm suspicious this  
is where /tmp is coming from.)
	class StaleFiles:
  	   """Class to keep track of files to be deleted on abnormal exit"""
	    archive            = None  # tempfile for messages to be archived
	    procmail_lock      = None  # original_mailbox.lock
  	   retain             = None  # tempfile for messages to be retained
  	   temp_dir           = None  # our tempfile directory container

	  class RetainMbox(Mbox):
     """Class for holding messages that will be retained from the  
     mailbox (ie. the messages are not considered 'old'). Extends the  
     class. This 'mbox' file starts off as a temporary file but will  
     overwrite the original mailbox if everything is OK.

     __final_name = None

     def __init__(self, final_name):
         """Constructor - create a temporary file for the mailbox.

         final_name -- the name of the original mailbox that this  
                       will replace when we call finalise()

         temp_name = tempfile.mktemp("retain")
         self.mbox_file = open(temp_name, "w")
         self.mbox_file_name = temp_name
         _stale.retain = temp_name
         vprint("opened temporary retain file '%s'" %  
         self.__final_name = final_name

   John Springer
   Somewhere in Portland
   Where it's probably raining.

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