[Pdx-pm] Meeting tonight -- 6:53 pm

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 16:47:46 PST 2007

Location:  Free Geek (I think[*])
Topic:  writing tests for Module::ScanDeps


It wouldn't hurt to have a checkout ready to go, though there will be 
time to get setup during the movie.

There's nearly zero coverage at the moment, so this is more of a 
clean-slate project than the last test-hacking session.

Some issues particular to testing this module:

  o even core-module dependencies change between versions
  o bundled samples would work in some cases (but what about .so's?)
  o existing behavior is not always correct
  o results are somewhat sensitive to windows weirdnesses

I don't expect us to get a huge number of tests written, but there 
should be some lively discussion.

[*]  I completely spaced-out on checking the room availability and there 
is something scheduled in the meeting room.  If all goes well, we'll 
get the classroom, if not, I guess we'll convene outside and try to 
take over the side-room at the lab.

So malloc calls a timeout and starts rummaging around the free chain,
sorting things out, and merging adjacent small free blocks into larger
blocks. This takes 3 1/2 days.
--Joel Spolsky

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