[Pdx-pm] more fun with kwiki spam

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 11:04:46 PDT 2007

So...  In trying to discourage the spamming of the history, I've been 
expunging the crap from the wiki via:

  vim site/kwiki/plugin/archive/PortlandPerlMongers,v

But first I have to go to the site and do the 3-step revert of the page.

Does that sound wrong to anyone?

In the time that we've spent trying to setup kwiki to prevent spam and 
then still fighting it, wouldn't we have an easier time just handing 
out passwords?

I understand that can be a pain for the user to wait for a password.

What I would really like to see is maybe something like svn's 
post-commit messages (diffs) going to a mailing list with the option to 
hit a link as an admin and completely remove the change from being 
visible to anyone who is not an admin.

This, of course, requires that the wiki have the concept of admin.  Or 
login.  And hidden revisions.

I was seriously considering ikiwiki, though a cursory glance at the code 
doesn't impress me.   sad.   Particularly, the pagespec_match(), which 
compiles some strings into function calls and evals them as strings 
when method calls would probably have done the trick.  In short, 
dispatching on objects or at least class methods rather than 
eval("foo_$this($stuff)") would have been a good idea.  safequote(), 
etc.  Yay.

I've removed apache's write bit from the PortlandPerlMongers (home) 
page.  If you want to edit it, we need to solve this.

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