[Pdx-pm] OT: need big vehicle or help renting one

Kevin Scaldeferri kevin at scaldeferri.com
Tue Oct 10 11:23:02 PDT 2006


I met a few of you at the August meeting, while I was in town house- 
hunting, and now I'm here and in a bit of a pickle.  I've been  
looking at used furniture, and made plans to pick up a bunch of stuff  
today - thinking I would rent a big truck or van.  Unfortunately, I  
just realized that I let my driver's license expire a couple weeks  
ago, so I can't rent a vehicle myself.  So, my question is, is there  
anyone on the list who either has a suitable vehicle or would be  
willing to help rent one (I would pay for it, of course), and can  
help me out for a couple hours this afternoon.  Please give me a call  
at 626-487-1763.

Many thanks,


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