[Pdx-pm] Reminder: Next Wednesday -- Crucible

Seven till Seven scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 00:10:13 PST 2006

Wednesday Nov 8th, 6:53pm at FreeGeek -- 1731 SE 10th Ave.

Really sneaks up on you this month.  Only one weeks from yesterday.


  "An Automatic Slicing, Dicing, and Rebooting Test Harness"
    with Bryce Harrington
Crucible is a test harness in use at OSDL which utilizes several Perl 
modules, along with a mess of bash scripts, to provide a generalized 
automated testing system.  They use Crucible for testing NFSv4, Linux 
CPU and Memory hotplug, Inkscape, Cairo, and GeGL.  It coordinates 
tests across a collection of different machines of different 
architectures; it handles automated power cycling to test-boot new 
kernels; it can reimage, capture console logs, etc.; it can coordinate 
multi-client/server configurations; it slices; it dices; it'll even CUT 

Most of the Perl components have been uploaded to CPAN, including one 
set of modules for editing/updating different kinds of bootloader 
config files, called Linux::Bootloader, another module WWW::PkgFind for 
downloading software packages from web or ftp sites, or from 
cvs/git/svn, and another set of modules for parsing test output from 
different kinds of test programs, called Test::Parser.  We've also 
recently added a module, Test::Presenter, that employs an XML database 
to recombobulate parsed test data into forms that Chart::Graph::Gnuplot 
and similar modules can use for making pretty SVG graphs.

more info:  http://crucible.sourceforge.net/

As always, the meeting will be followed by beer at the Lucky Lab.  If 
it's your second meeting, I buy you a beer.  December's special is "I 
buy you a beer if your mother's maiden name starts with a Q", so don't 
skip.  Also, I just got a new load of bling in the mail, which means we 
have to have a contest to see who takes home the special secret prize.



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