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Chris Dawson xrdawson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 10:28:58 PST 2006

It does seem to be the case that there is a growing divide between
eastsiders and westsiders.  Since the current leader of the group
lives on the south east side, however, it does seem unfair to move to
meetings permanently to the west side.  Dennis, do you want to take
over the helm of the group after Josh has held rank for the last two
years?  And, I would personally not want to be at a Starbucks; are
there any community spaces that we could use over in Hillsboro?  I
believe that Allison, chromatic and Randal live on the west side, and
they have been kind enough to cross the river, so to speak, countless
times among lots of others I would assume.  It seems fair to propose
that we alternate meeting locations, or perhaps let the speaker
choose, but I'd like to make the following requests if we do:

1.  A "community" space, whether that means locally owned coffee shop,
or community gathering area.

2.  If outside the downtown area, within walking distance from a stop
on the max line, or a single bus line from downtown.  I ride my bike
to PDX.pm now, and would prefer to not have to use my car  (which is
probably unfortunately what all the westsiders have to do now to get
to FreeGeek).

But, I have a feeling finding this space will not be as easy as it
sounds.  PLUG is thinking of relocating, and XP-PDX will probably have
to relocate now that OGI is moving.  FreeGeek is an awesome facility
and great resource in many ways.

I do think it is ultimately fair to let the group leader decide by
fiat, since there is a lot of work to coordinate the meetings.  If
Josh wants to keep them at FreeGeek, I think we should support that
unless someone else wants to take over.


On 3/27/06, dhmedley at aol.com <dhmedley at aol.com> wrote:
> >It is somewhat ironic that you would ask for Ogg format and then
> >suggest NetMeeting. You do mean GnomeMeeting, right? :)
> I am officially a technology agnostic -- term comes from my previous
> employer
> QLogic -- I don't care and do use both Win32/64 and just about any *nix.
> This machine is a WinXP laptop with Virtual PC & VMWare loaded, and
> virtualizing
> Slackware, Gentoo, and FC5.   Bring whatever on.
> Do we take a collection for the camera ? -- Tell me who the treasurer
> is and I'd
> kick in something reasonable.
> My preferred attendance would be in one of the local Hillsboro
> Starbucks with a
> good gooey solution of (mostly) caffeine ...  Free Geek is just too far.
> Dennis H. Medley
> Cymberlaen Software
> DHMedley at aol.com
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