[Pdx-pm] how to grok OO C/XS code was: Why go to meetings?

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 08:38:13 PST 2006

# from Michael Rasmussen
# on Monday 27 March 2006 06:28 am:

>the IPTables::IPv4
>module.  The code is so OO'd that it's inscrutable.  

This is an XS module.  Blaming OO isn't fair.

>Example:  grepping the entire source I don't find a single instance of
> the methods I call when using it. No append_entry, commit,
> insert_entry, flush. WTF?  I call these methods and yet the names
> don't appear in the source?

Did you look in the C source?  This is even more complicated because it 
probably includes an external library.  Anything that works as a method 
call has to be at least in the XS (unless it uses autoload to wrap the 
lib functions.)

Is this the sort of "introductory / intermediate level" talk we 
need? :-)

Introducing change is like pulling off a bandage: the pain is a memory
almost as soon as you feel it.
--Paul Graham

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