[Pdx-pm] IO::Socket::INET wakeup call

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at acm.org
Thu Mar 2 13:54:53 PST 2006

I'm connecting to a service running on a WinXP system using 
IO::Socket::INET and for the most part it has been great.  Recently 
though I've noticed that after a long-ish period of no activity that my 
initial connect fails.  I'm running in debug mode so a simple restart of 
the script and the connection works fine.  When this runs in production 
mode I need it to not fail.  Of course I can loop through several tries 
and exit when it connects or really errors out but this seems inelegant.

   I'm sure this is some stupid Windows thing where the network 
connection is sleeping and can't wake up fast enough and will look at 
the device, network, TCP/IP settings but that will not work when I don't 
control the Windows box.

   Before getting lost ( again ) in the IO::Socket, IO::Handle, IO::* 
documentation world I'm trying for a cheap answer.  Is there a generic 
method to try and wake a TCP/IP connection?  Sort of "Hello ... McFly!"


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