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Thu Jul 20 18:56:23 PDT 2006

Time to fire-up those blog bots.

Psst.  OSCON/OSCamp starts Monday.

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Subject: get the word out
Date: Thursday 20 July 2006 11:34 am
From: Allison Randal <allison at oreilly.com>
To: alias+oscamp-planning at wgz.org

I've made a radar blog post about OSCamp:


I'd like to make another one about all the local open source events
happening during the OSCON week. Here's what I know of so far:

PDX PHP event with Rasmus
Perl Foundation event
PDX.pm event with Robert Spier
OSU OSL party
Keith Lofstrom's walking tour of Portland to Free Geek
FLOSS Foundations meeting Monday and Tuesday

What else is going on during the week?

Also, are any of you interested in blogging the daily highlights of
OSCamp or can you suggest people in your groups who might be? If people
send me links to their blog entries, we can get a few a day included on
the conference news site, and the rest I'll pass around the conferences
team (to start planting the seed of excitement for OSCamp next year).



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