[Pdx-pm] [job] FOSS sysadmin positions at OSDL in Beaverton

Bryce Harrington bryce at osdl.org
Thu Feb 2 16:00:57 PST 2006

Hi all,

We've got a couple positions open here at the Open Source Development
Labs in Beaverton.  Both are sysadmin positions.

The first is for an advanced sysadmin to help with establishing an NFSv4
testing system.  It involves setting up a variety of hardware (x86,
amd64, em64t, ppc64, netapp, etc.), networking fun, and
learning/tinkering/scripting with various enterprise FOSS things like
systemimager, kerberos, ldap, nfsv4, etc.  The work involves developing
a lot of bash and perl code to stitch everything together (and
contributed back to cpan).  Our goal is to create a testing framework
for the Linux NFSv4 community.  This is a 6-month position, so would be
great for a contractor that'd like to work 100% on FOSS for a while.

The second is for a regular sysadmin.  This is a permanent position to
backfill one of the sysadmins in our core services team.  The work
involves keeping our lab running and making the hardware available to
the open source community.  It includes racking/configuring/
troubleshooting hardware, setting up accounts for FOSS developers,
being on the on-call rotation (1 wk every 3rd week), inventory
management, and so forth.

If either position sounds interesting, drop your resume to
resumes at osdl.org and mention my name.  :-)


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