[Pdx-pm] Jifty template?

Michael G Schwern schwern at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 13:59:59 PST 2006

Eric Wilhelm wrote:
> I believe TT support would have to run on top of Mason.  However,  the 
> current direction appears to be favoring the new Template::Declare.
>   http://svn.jifty.org/svn/jifty.org/Template-Declare/
> I get the impression that this is intended to provide template 
> functionality without whatever drawbacks TT must have (or be perceived 
> to have) in the jifty context.  This is just my understanding of what's 
> going on based on peripheral observation.  If you're really curious, 
> it's probably best to get on the jifty mailing list or #jifty on 
> irc.freenode.net.

AFAIK the Jifty folks don't like TT ("I will not learn yet another language for templating"), but I'm sure if someone came along and bolted TT on top of Jifty they wouldn't mind.  It sure would stop a lot of complaints.  I doubt it has to live on top of Mason, I don't think Jifty is using the Mason event loop.

If you want to read up about Template::Declare once place is the "Scary Jifty" slides.

Slide 136 is where they get into TD (don't worry, the slides are short).

If you're confused, ask here and I'll see what I can fill in.

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