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Highlights (see below for details)

... limited edition Apress Open Source eBook bundle ...

ASP Today has just launched "Freeweb"--from now through December 2006...

Free e-books available
  "Writing Perl Modules for CPAN"
  "XML Programming: Web Applications and Web Services with JSP and ASP"
  "Practical Common Lisp"
5. The Latest Apress Books--Hot Off the Press
  "Beginning CSS Web Development: From Novice to Professional"
  "Pro Oracle Database 10g RAC on Linux: Installation, Administration,
  "The Definitive Guide to GCC, Second Edition"

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Subject: User Groups: Apress Summer Newsletter Is Here!
Date: Friday 25 August 2006 08:40 am
From: Janet Crosbie <janet at apress.com>
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Apress User Group Newsletter
Issue 6; Summer, 2006





1. Let's Catch Up
2. Free eBooks to Download
3. The Latest betaBooks
4. It's Not Too Late to Join the Apress Affiliate Program
5. The Latest Apress Books--Hot Off the Press
6. Forthcoming Books--Fall Releases
7. Upcoming Tradeshows


1. Let's Catch Up

A. Apress Catalog

As we approach fall, you're probably getting back down to business
 after summer vacations. Get your skills in shape with the newest
 Apress books. Apress is just about to publish its second glamorous
 81/2" by 11" catalog, featuring titles through December 2006. If
 you're in the US and you'd like a copy, please send an e-mail to me,
 Janet, at janet at apress.com with your group name and shipping address.
 Please enter "Catalog Request" in the subject line.

If you're outside of the US, you may access the PDF version of the
 Apress Printed Catalog on the Apress Trade Site,
 http://www.apress.com/tradesite. The current version of the catalog is
 called "Summer/Fall 2006." (You only need to quickly register to
 access any of the Trade Site's downloads. You'll be prompted for
 e-mail address and the name of the bookstore you're affiliated with.
 Enter "n/a" in the latter text box, since it doesn't apply to user
 group members).

B. Special Offers

Are you into open source? Through August 31, 2006, you can purchase a
 limited edition Apress Open Source eBook bundle here:
 http://www.apress.com/promo/osbundle.html. You get four eBooks for 50
 bucks--purchasing two of these eBooks separately would just about
 equal what you'll pay for the four-book deal! But hurry, because
 you've only got about another week to purchase this bundle. The
 following titles are included:

"From Bash to Z Shell: Conquering the Command Line"
By Oliver Kiddle et al.
ISBN: 1-59059-376-6 | 472 pages

"Beginning Ubuntu Linux: From Novice to Professional"
By Keir Thomas
ISBN: 1-59059-627-7 | 608 pages

"Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional"
By Akkana Peck
ISBN: 1-59059-587-4 | 552 pages

"Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach"
By Chris F.A. Johnson
ISBN: 1-59059-471-1 | 448 pages

C. ASP Today Freeweb

ASP Today, Apress's sister site, focuses on publishing
 professional-level articles that are available to subscribers. ASP
 Today has just launched "Freeweb"--from now through December 2006, ASP
 Today will feature the two newest articles for free, so that each
 article will be free to view from time of publication until a newer
 free article publishes and converts the previous-but-one to
 subscriber-only viewing. Check it out today: http://asptoday.com/.


2. Free eBooks to Download

You may have already purchased an Apress eBook sometime the past year.
 Whether you have or not, you can expand your library now by
 downloading a select eBook for free. Choose from these titles:

"A Programmer's Introduction to PHP 4.0"
By W. Jason Gilmore
ISBN: 1-893115-85-2 | 453 pages

"Programming VB .NET: A Guide for Experienced Programmers"
By Gary Cornell and Jonathan Morrison
ISBN: 1-893115-99-2 | 528 pages

"Writing Perl Modules for CPAN"
By Sam Tregar
ISBN: 1-59059-018-X | 312 pages

"COM and .NET Interoperability"
By Andrew Troelsen
ISBN: 1-59059-011-2 | 816 pages

"XML Programming: Web Applications and Web Services with JSP and ASP"
By Tom Myers and Alexander Nakhimovsky
ISBN: 1-59059-003-1 | 576 pages

"Google, Amazon, and Beyond: Creating and Consuming Web Services"
By Tom Myers and Alexander Nakhimovsky
ISBN: 1-59059-131-3 | 352 pages

"Practical Common Lisp"
By Peter Seibel
ISBN: 1-59059-239-5 | 528 pages

Download your free Apress eBooks here:


3. The Latest betaBooks

Apress betaBooks give you access to the newest programming topics
 straight from the author, by way of weekly PDF chapters and updates,
 all before the final printed versions roll off the press. Eight weeks
 before final publication, the first several chapters of an Apress
 betaBook become available. After that, available updates or new
 chapters are delivered weekly to your inbox.

You may purchase betaBooks where you purchase other eBooks, in the
 Apress eBookshop. These betaBooks are a bargain because the price
 includes a copy of the entire finished eBook. Apress is offering these
 betaBooks right now:

"Beginning Ajax with PHP: From Novice to Professional"
By Lee Babin
October 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-667-6 | 400 pages | $44.99

"Pro Wicket"
By Karthik Gurumurthy
September 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-722-2 | 328 pages | $39.99

Learn more and purchase your betaBooks here:


4. It's Not Too Late to Join the Apress Affiliate Program
The invitation is still open to join the Apress Affiliate Program. The
 program benefits web site owners and bloggers (which includes a lot of
 you folks) who publicly recognize Apress books and help generate
 sales. The program credits affiliates who link to Apress eBooks a *10%
 COMMISSION* on eBook sales when their visitors click through and
 purchase Apress eBooks. Lots of people have signed up as Apress
 Affiliates, and they've begun to accumulate commissions. Wouldn't you
 like to possibly earn some extra cash, just for promoting books you
 know and love? Try it out. Setup is free and an account is easy to
 maintain. We'll supply you with images or text links to place on your
 sites, if you need. Then at the beginning of every month, we'll send a
 check to each affiliate for the previous month's commissions. For more
 details and to set up an affiliate account, visit


5. The Latest Apress Books--Hot Off the Press

I only have a little room to feature just a sampling of our latest
 titles. But you can view lots more new releases here:

"Building Flickr Applications with PHP"
By Rob Kunkle and Andrew Morton
August 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-612-9 | 216 pages | $34.99

"Beginning Hibernate: From Novice to Professional"
By Jeff Linwood and Dave Minter
August 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-693-5 | 360 pages | $39.99

"Pro .NET 2.0 Windows Forms and Custom Controls in VB 2005"
By Matthew MacDonald
August 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-694-3 | 1080 pages | $49.99

"Beginning CSS Web Development: From Novice to Professional"
By Simon Collison
August 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-689-7 | 448 pages | $34.99

"Pro Oracle Database 10g RAC on Linux: Installation, Administration,
 and Performance" By Julian Dyke and Steve Shaw
August 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-524-6 | 824 pages | $59.99

"The Definitive Guide to GCC, Second Edition"
By William von Hagen
August 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-585-8 | 584 pages | $49.99


6. Forthcoming Books--Fall Releases

Here are a handful of titles to look forward to. Preview even more
 upcoming titles here: http://www.apress.com/book/forthcoming.html.

"Pro ASP.NET 2.0 in C# 2005, Special Edition"
By Matthew MacDonald
To publish September 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-768-0 | 1400 pages | $64.99

"Beginning Microsoft Word Business Documents"
By James J. Marshall
To publish September 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-728-1 | 216 pages | $34.99

"AppleScript: The Comprehensive Guide to Scripting and Automation on
 Mac OS X, Second Edition" By Hanaan Rosenthal
To publish September 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-653-6 | 800 pages | $49.99

"Pro XML Development with Java Technology"
By Ajay Vohra and Deepak Vohra
To publish September 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-706-0 | 472 pages | $39.99

"Pro Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g"
By John Watson
To publish September 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-679-X | 400 pages | $64.99

"Pro Open Source Mail: Building an Enterprise Mail Solution"
By Curtis Smith
To publish September 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-598-X | 320 pages | $44.99


7. Upcoming Tradeshows

Apress will be exhibiting at the following shows this fall. If you are
 there, please stop by and say hello!

Oracle Open World
San Francisco, CA
October 22 - 26, 2006

Seattle, WA
November 14 - 17, 2006


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