[Pdx-pm] Fwd: Help Needed for Creating login pages

Thomas J Keller kellert at ohsu.edu
Thu Aug 24 11:09:48 PDT 2006

A webdesigner here sent out the following.
I'm sure there's a straightforward way to do this with Perl (and  
Apache web server). Any suggestions?
I don't want to do this myself. If someone would like to take this on  
as a paid project give me your contact info off list and I will pass  
it on.


> I'm being asked to create a login page for one of my sites that  
> will function in one of these ways.
> 1. a simple login page where the user will be sent to a survey  
> automatically after a successful login
> or
> 2.  a login page that compares the user to a list of people allowed  
> to access the survey and then sends the approved user to the survey.
> The person asking me to do this didn't say anything about error  
> messages, but I would think I would need to create those in case  
> the user mistypes the password or isn't on the approved list.
> I don't know how to do create these pages.  I looked on the  
> Internet Strategies site but couldn't find information on how to do  
> this.
> Do any of you know to do this coding?  I don't know asp, php, or  
> coldfusion, unfortunately.  I either need to learn just enough to  
> do this and learn it rather quickly, or find someone who could do  
> it for me.  That person would be paid for the work.
> Thanks.
> Harlene

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