[Pdx-pm] quick intro

Kris Bosland krisb at ring.org
Tue Aug 8 17:16:08 PDT 2006

	Hey Kevin, welcome.  Are you going to be working near Hawthorn
Farm max station?  My neighborhood is nearby, it is quite nice and there
are some for-rent signs in house windows.  I can give you more information
if you are interested.


On Tue, 8 Aug 2006, Kevin Scaldeferri wrote:

> Hi, I just thought I'd send a quick hello to the list.
> I'm going to be moving to Portland in the end of September, and I'll be
> in town for the next 10 days or so looking for housing.  Assuming my
> flight isn't horribly late, I'm hoping to make tomorrow's meeting.
> I've met some of you before at YAPC and OSCONs, so it'll be good to say
> hello again, and to meet some new people (and to hear what I missed by
> not going to this year's conference).
>   -- Kevin Scaldeferri
> PS - anyone have recommendations for places to look for house rentals
> other than Craigslist?
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