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Esteemed Mongers of Perl,

Interesting New Releases (for some value of Interesting)
-Firewall Policies and VPN Configurations
-Google Hacks, Third Edition
-JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, Fifth Edition
-Mastering Regular Expressions, Third Edition
-The Relational Database Dictionary
-Scripting VMware Power Tools
-Web Application Security

Read on for more books, articles, conferences, and other stuff that I 
can't briefly summarize without staying brief.

Request a review book/pdf, etc.


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Subject: Newsletter from O'Reilly UG Program, August 4
Date: Friday 04 August 2006 03:10 pm
From: "Marsee Henon" <marsee at oreilly.com>
To: ewilhelm at cpan.org

O'Reilly UG Program News--Just for User Group Leaders
August 4, 2006
-O'Reilly Author Gorden Meyer Available as a Speaker
-Put Up an O'Reilly Euro OSCON Banner, Get a Free Book
-Promotional Material Available
Book Info
***Review Books are Available
Copies of our books are available for your members to review--just send
me an email to request books and and please include the book's ISBN
number (click on the "More Details" link to find the ISBN.) Let me know
if you need your book by a certain date. Allow at least four weeks for

***Please Send Copies of Your Book Reviews
Email me a copy of your newsletter or book review.
For tips and suggestions on writing book reviews, go to:

***Group Purchase Discounts are Available
Please let me know if you are interested and I can put you in
touch with our sales department.

General News or Inquiries
***O'Reilly Author Gorden Meyer is Available as a Speaker
Gordon Meyer ("Smart Home Hacks") gives lively presentations about
fun and practical do-it-yourself home automation projects. His
talkS appeal to those who want to live the 21st century life,
as well as those who just appreciate clever and interesting ways
to exploit and combine different technologies. Gordon is a frequent
speaker at Apple's WWDC, MacWorld, and many other conferences. He
can tailor his  talk to Mac, Windows, Unix, and other user groups.
He lives in Chicago, but travels frequently and will consider
invitations for other locations. For more info, go to:
<http://www.gordonmeyer.com or email bb at g2meyer.com>

***Put Up an O'Reilly EuroOSCON Banner, Get a Free Book
We're looking for user groups to display our conference banner on their
web sites. If you send me the link to your group's site with our
banner, I'll send you the O'Reilly book of your choice.

EuroOSCON Banners:

***Promotional Material Available:
The following items are available for your next meeting. (Let me know
the item and the amount you'd like):

-Linuxworld Pass in PDF form (register online by Aug 13.)
-MAKE Magazine Volume 6 (limit one copy per group)
-30% UG Discount bookmarks <http://ug.oreilly.com/banners/discount/>

O'Reilly News for User Group Members
August 4, 2006
New Releases
-Building a VoIP Network with Nortel's Multimedia Communication Server
 5100 -CSS: The Missing Manual
-Designing and Building Enterprise DMZs
-Firewall Policies and VPN Configurations
-Google Hacks, Third Edition
-JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, Fifth Edition
-Mastering Regular Expressions, Third Edition
-Metasploit Toolkit for Penetration Testing, Exploit Development, and
 Vulnerability Research
-Music Technology Magazine's Ten Minute Masters
-Network Security Assessment
-The Photoshop Anthology
-PHP Cookbook
-Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# with NUnit, Second Edition
-Programming Python, Third Edition
-The Relational Database Dictionary
-Ruby Cookbook
-Scripting VMware Power Tools
-Stealing the Network
-Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography
-Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks
-Web Application Security
-Windows Developer Power Tools (Rough Cuts)
-Windows for Intel Macs (PDF)
-Windows Media Center Wizardry (PDF)

Upcoming Events
-Visit O'Reilly at LinuxWorld, San Francisco, CA--August 15-17
-Author Rich Gibson at the Apple Store, San Francisco, CA--August 24
-O'Reilly at RailsConf Europe, Central London, UK--
 September 14-15
-O'Reilly at OpenCON 2006,Venice, Italy--December 2-3
-O'Reilly Authors at Flash on the Beach, Brighton, UK--December 4-6

Conference News
-EuroOSCON Registration is Open
-ETEL 2007 Call for Participation
-OSCON 2006 Coverage
-Last Chance to enter our Contest (US Residents Only)
-Pocket Refs in PDF
-User Group Members receive a special 30% discount on
 Learning Lab Courses
-Interview with Jakob Nielsen
-Download our product catalogs in PDF
-Building a Desktop Firewall
-What Is OpenDocument?
-Linux on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet
-The CakePHP Framework
-Review: Frontier Design TranzPort
-Automate Your Favorite Photoshop Routines
-So Del.icio.us! Intelligent Tagging for the Mac User
-How Does Open Source Software Stack Up on the Mac?
-Best Windows Admin Downloads
-Drag and Drop Ajax Programming with Atlas
-Deploying BIRT
-What is Geronimo?
-Receive MAKE's "Weekend Project" PDF Podcast Through iTunes
-MacOSG Interviews O'Reilly Editor Edie Freedman
-OSCON Feedback

New Releases--Books, PDFs, and Rough Cuts
Get 30% off a single book or 35% off two or more books from O'Reilly,
No Starch, Paraglyph, PC Publishing, Pragmatic Bookshelf, SitePoint,
or Syngress books you purchase directly from O'Reilly.
Just use code DSUG when ordering online or by phone 800-998-9938.

Free ground shipping on orders of $29.95 or more.
For more details, go to:

Did you know you can request a free book to review for your
group? Ask your group leader for more information.

For book review writing tips and suggestions, go to:

***Building a VoIP Network with Nortel's Multimedia Communication
   Server 5100
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1597490784
This is the only book you need if you are tasked with designing,
installing, configuring, and troubleshooting a converged network built
with Nortel's Multimedia Concentration Server 5100, and Multimedia
Communications Portfolio (MCP) products. With this book, you'll be able
to design, build, secure, and maintain a cutting-edge converged
network to satisfy all of your business requirements.

***CSS: The Missing Manual
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596526873
Cascading Style Sheets are now a reliable method for handling all kinds
of Web page presentations--from fonts and colors to page layout. But
due to CSS's complexity, most designers treat it as a kind of
window-dressing to spruce up the appearance of their sites without
tapping into the real power of CSS. "CSS: The Missing Manual" explains
how you can use this powerful to build sparklingly new web sites, or
refurbish old sites that are ready for an upgrade.

***Designing and Building Enterprise DMZs
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1597491004
"Building DMZs for Enterprise Networks" covers a sorely needed area in
critical business infrastructure: the Demilitarized Zone. DMZs play a
crucial role in any network consisting of a Hosted Internet Web Server,
internal servers which need to be segregated, External to Internal DNS
Server, and an email SMTP Relay Agent. This book covers what an
administrator needs to plan out and integrate a DMZ into a network for
small, medium, and Enterprise networks.

***Firewall Policies and VPN Configurations
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1597490881
The security provided by firewalls and VPNs is only as strong as the
protocol rules and policies that you create. This book provides
fundamental information necessary to configure firewalls and build VPNs
and DMZs to survive the dangers of today's internet. Products covered
include Cisco PIX Firewall, ISA Server 2004, Check Point NGX, Juniper's
NetScreen Firewalls, SonicWall, and Nokia.

***Google Hacks, Third Edition
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596527063
Now that new features and services such as Google Maps, Google Talk,
 and Google Desktop have been added to the expanding Google universe,
 we've made the third edition of this bestseller into an infinitely
 more useful book for this powerful search engine. You'll not only find
 dozens of hacks for new Google services, but plenty of updated tips,
 tricks, and scripts for hacking the old ones.

***JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, Fifth Edition
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596101996
The indispensable reference for JavaScript programmers since 1996,
"JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, Fifth Edition" is completely revised
and expanded to cover JavaScript as it is used in today's Web 2.0

***Mastering Regular Expressions, Third Edition
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596528124
Written in the lucid, entertaining tone that makes a complex, dry topic
become crystal-clear to programmers, and sprinkled with solutions to
complex real-world problems, "Mastering Regular Expressions, Third
Edition" offers a wealth information that you can put to immediate use.

***Metasploit Toolkit for Penetration Testing, Exploit Development, and
Vulnerabiity Research
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1597490741
This is the first book available for the Metasploit Framework (MSF),
the attack platform of choice for one of the fastest growing careers
in IT security: Penetration Testing. The book and companion web site
will provide professional penetration testers and security researchers
with a fully integrated suite of tools for discovering, running, and
testing exploit code.

***Music Technology Magazine's Ten Minute Masters
Publisher: PC Publishing
ISBN: 187077504X
"Music Tech Magazine's Ten Minute Masters" is a collection of
 explanations of music theories, technologies, protocols, and
 processes. As useful to the newcomer as to the expert, the collection
 gives everyone sufficient information to grasp a concept in the space
 of 1,500 words--or just ten minutes! From analogue recording to Audio
 CDs, from cabling to copyright, and from filters to Firewire, this is
 an invaluable collection for anyone involved in the music technology

***Network Security Assessment
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1597491012
This book will take readers from the discovery of vulnerabilities and
the creation of the corresponding exploits, through a complete security
assessment, all the way through deploying patches against these
vulnerabilities to protect their networks. This book is unique in that
it details both the management and technical skill and tools required
 to develop an effective vulnerability management system.

***The Photoshop Anthology
Publisher: SitePoint
ISBN: 0975841920
"The Photoshop Anthology" is full-color, 101 question-and-answer book
for web designers who want to use Photoshop more effectively to build
web sites and create better looking web graphics. The book will show
you how you can use Photoshop to create buttons, backgrounds, text
effects, optimized photos, web interfaces, animated GIFs, and more for
your web site. Additionally, the book will walk you through the entire
process of designing a Website in Photoshop--from using layers to keep
organized to using the slice tool to create individual web site
 elements. <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/0975841920>

***PHP Cookbook
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596101015
When it comes to creating dynamic web sites, the open source PHP
language is red-hot property: used on more than 20 million web sites
today, PHP is now more popular than Microsoft's ASP.NET technology.
 With our Cookbook's unique format, you can learn how to build dynamic
 web applications that work on any web browser. This revised new
 edition makes it easy to find specific solutions for programming
 challenges. <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/phpckbk2>

***Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# with NUnit, Second Edition
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
ISBN: 0977616673
All over the world, software teams are using unit testing both to
 verify their code and as a way of helping them design better code.
 This book is unique in the way it covers two aspects: showing
 developers both how and what?

***Programming Python, Third Edition
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596009259
An industry standard just got even better. This bestseller from
 O'Reilly has been updated to reflect the many changes introduced by
 Python 2.5. It teaches the most common Python application domains from
 the ground up with plenty of real-world examples and in-depth
 discussion. Ideal for novices as well as advanced practitioners.

***The Relational Database Dictionary
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596527985
"The Relational Database Dictionary" is exactly what designers,
programmers, students, and database administrators (DBAs) need, a
 single source where they can find precise definitions. Authored by
 C.J. Date, a respected expert, this pocket-sized dictionary is the
 definitive glossary of terms and concepts used with relational
 databases such as Oracle products, IBM's DB2, Microsoft's SQL Server,
 MySQL, and PostgreSQL. It provides structure and clarity that will
 help build proficiency and accuracy in working with today's relational
 databases. <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/relationaldb>

***Ruby Cookbook
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596523696
From data structures and algorithms, to integration with cutting-edge
technologies, the "Ruby Cookbook" has something for every programmer.
When you need to solve a problem, don't reinvent the wheel: look it up
in the Cookbook.

***Scripting VMware Power Tools
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1597490598
This book covers the native tools that VMware provides with ESX Server.
It then discusses in detail the different scripting API's and how they
can be leveraged to provide some very useful, practical and time saving
tools to manage a virtual infrastructure. From virtual server
provisioning to backups and everything in between, all will be covered
in detail with real world examples that have been tested and will work
either copied directly from the book or with slight modifications for
the reader's specific environments.

***Stealing the Network
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1597490814
The best-selling "Stealing the Network" series reaches its climactic
conclusion as law enforcement and organized crime form a high-tech web
in an attempt to bring down the shadowy hacker-villain known as Knuth
 in the most technically sophisticated Stealing book yet. As with
 previous titles, "How to Own a Shadow" is a fictional story that
 demonstrates accurate, highly detailed scenarios of computer
 intrusions, and counter-strikes.

***Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 059652370X
A master photographer and teacher since 1977, Stephen Johnson is widely
recognized as a pioneer of digital photography. His new book chronicles
his ride on the bleeding edge of this medium's evolution, and provides
 a practical in-depth introduction to digital photography that includes
 the latest techniques. Complete with beautiful color photographic
 examples and illustrations, this book is a unique, passionate,
 holistic examination for every student of photography.

***Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks
Publisher: No Starch Press
ISBN: 1593271182
This newbie's guide to Ubuntu lets readers learn by doing. Step-by-step
projects build upon earlier tutorial concepts and increase the reader's
understanding of topics such as installing new software; Internet
connectivity; working with removable devices; and even handling DVDs
 and iPods. Average desktop users are eased into the world of commands,
 thus allowing them to work with script-based applications; converting
 RPMs to DEB files; and compiling software from source.

***Web Application Security
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 159749061X
This book defines web application security, why it should be addressed
earlier in the lifecycle in development and quality assurance, and how
it differs from other types of internet security. Additionally, the
 book examines the procedures and technologies that are essential to
 developing, penetration testing, and releasing a secure web
 application. Through a review of recent web application breaches, the
 book will expose the prolific methods hackers use to execute web
 attacks using common vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site
 Scripting, and Buffer Overflows in the application layer. By taking an
 in-depth look at the techniques hackers use to exploit web
 applications, readers will be better equipped to protect confidential.

***Windows Developer Power Tools (Rough Cuts)
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596527926
There is a wealth of open and free software available today for Windows
developers who want to extend the development environment, reduce
development effort and increase productivity. "Windows Developer Power
Tools" is an encyclopedic guide to more than 100 free and open source
tools available to programmers who build applications for Windows
desktops and servers, including web applications and services. With its
unique task-oriented organization, this book will help you find the
tools you need to solve common (and uncommon) problems. Each tool in
 the book includes a capsule summary--a mini user's guide--to help
readers get up to speed quickly. This one-stop resource covers a wide
 range of open source and freeware tools to help you answer questions
 around planning, developing, testing, and rolling out great software.

***Windows for Intel Macs (PDF)
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 059652840X
Mac users can easily install and use Windows thanks to Boot Camp and
Parallels Desktop for Macs with Intel processors. But once you've
installed Windows, then what? This guide by Todd Ogasawara, a Microsoft
MVP and Mac journeyman, will help you unite Windows software with
Mac hardware.

***Windows Media Center Wizardry (PDF)
Publisher: O'Reilly
"Windows Media Center Wizardy" is a guide to getting the most out of a
PC running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, delving into the
 hidden features and extended capabilities not at first apparent when
 using this extremely powerful interface. This book is written as a
 series of "How To" sections, each concentrating on an area of
 functionality little exploited by typical users, although extremely
 useful when exposed. <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/coolthings>

***MAKE Magazine Subscriptions
The annual subscription price for four issues is $34.95. When you
subscribe with this link, you'll get a free issue--the first one plus
four more for $34.95. So subscribe for yourself or friends with this
great offer for charter subscribers: five volumes for the cost of four.
Subscribe at:

Upcoming Events
***For more events, please see:

***Visit O'Reilly at LinuxWorld, San Francisco, CA--August 15-17
Stop by our booth (#928) to check out our latest Linux and open source
titles. We'll also have author appearances from Gerald Carter ("LDAP
System Administration"), Chris DiBona ("Open Sources 2.0"), Greg
Kroah-Hartman ("Linux Kernel in a Nutshell"), and Kyle Rankin ("Ubuntu

***Author Rich Gibson at the Apple Store, San Francisco, CA--August 24
Join Rich Gibson ("Google Maps Hacks" and "Mapping Hacks") and BMUG
DBNet SIG for an evening at the Apple Store in San Francisco at 6pm.

***Visit O'Reilly at RailsConf Europe, Central London, UK--
  September 14-15
Come hear David Heinemeir Hansson ("Agile Web Development with Rails"),
Chad Fowler ("Rails Recipes and Programming Ruby, Second Ed."), Dave
Thomas ("Programming Ruby, Second Ed." and "Agile Web Development with
Rails"), and Kathy Sierra (co-founder of the "Head First" series and
javaranch.com). Stop by the O'Reilly stand to purchase books at a
discount and say hi to our authors at the First European RailsConf
 2006. <http://europe.railsconf.org/>

***Visit O'Reilly at OpenCON 2006,Venice, Italy--December 2-3
OpenCON is the first conference entirely dedicated to OpenBSD and
organized by OpenBEER, the Italian OpenBSD users group. Topics include
information security, secure programming, and anything related to
OpenBSD. Come and visit the O'Reilly booth where you will be able to
purchase our books at a discount.

***O'Reilly Authors at Flash on the Beach, Brighton, UK--December 4-6
Meet Joey Lott ("Flash 8 Cookbook," "ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook," and
"Programming Flash Communication Server") and Robert Reinhardt
("Programming Flash Communication Server") at this Flash Design and
development conference. Don't forget to visit the O'Reilly stand where
you'll get a discount on all our books.

Conference News
***EuroOSCON Registration is Open
The preliminary schedule for the 2nd annual EuroOSCON, O'Reilly's
European Open Source Convention, 18-21 September in Brussels, is now
available. Featured speakers include Jeff Waugh, Damian Conway, Greg
Stein, Rasmus Lerdorf, Marten Mickos, Tim O'Reilly, and many others.

User Group discounts are available, email marsee at oreilly.com for more

To register for the conference, go to:

***ETEL 2007 Call for Participation is Open
Technologists, CTOs, chief scientists, researchers, programmers,
hackers, business developers, entrepreneurs, and other interested
parties are invited to lead conference plenary sessions and workshops
at ETel 2007. ETel happens February 28 to March 1, 2007 at the
San Francisco Airport Marriott in Burlingame, California.

***OSCON 2006 Coverage
SitePoint's Kevin Yank reports on OSCON 2006 in Portland.

For More OSCON Coverage, go to:

News From O'Reilly & Beyond
General News
***Last Chance to Enter Our Contest (US Residents Only)
The 2006 O'Reilly Photoshop Cook-Off, a contest open to US residents
 who use Adobe Photoshop, wraps up August 15th. Win great prizes, get
 your work in front of the industry's A-list judges, and learn some new
 tricks. Enter now to win!

***Pocket Refs in PDF
O'Reilly Pocket References are now available in PDF format. They're
bookmarked, searchable, and portable.

***User Group Members receive a special 30% discount on
   Learning Lab Courses
As an O'Reilly User Group member, you save on all the courses in
the following University of Illinois Certificate Series:
-Linux/Unix System Administration
-Web Programming
-Open Source Programming
-.NET Programming

To redeem, use Promotion Code "ORALL1," good for a 30% discount,
in Step #3 of the enrollment process. Each course comes with a free
O'Reilly book and a 7-day money-back guarantee. Register online:

***Interview with Jakob Nielsen
Matt Mickiewicz interviews Jakob Nielsen about AJAX, usability's close
link to keyword advertising, and some of the advertising formats we're
seeing around the web today.

***Download our product catalogs in PDF:
Digital Media Catalog:

Microsoft Developers and Administrators Catalog:

Programmers and System Administrators Catalog:

Open Source
***Building a Desktop Firewall
By now, many internet users know that they need a firewall to protect
their computers while they're online. A nice GUI firewall
builder called fwbuilder makes it possible to set up a working firewall
in ten minutes--on Linux, *BSD, and Mac OS X. Dru Lavigne shows how it
works on FreeBSD.

***What Is OpenDocument?
The OpenDocument Format (ODF), an open source file format standard for
electronic office documents, is poised to change the world from an
application-centric model of computing to a document-centric model. Sam
Hiser looks at this new standard, how it implements XML for office
documents, the technical and political wranglings in the standard,
available tools, applications that offer ODF support, who's
 implementing ODF, and more.

***Linux on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet
Nokia's 770 Internet Tablet is more than a phone, according to John
Littler. It's a Debian GNU/Linux system. This makes it a prime target
for hackers. Littler explores some of the built-in utilities and some
 of the other tricks you can use.

***The CakePHP Framework
CakePHP is a mature framework for PHP developers who want the structure
and time-saving benefits of Ruby on Rails, without having to leave
 their comfort zone.

Digital Media
***Review: Frontier Design TranzPort
This wireless, two-way remote control won acclaim in the pro audio
community for simplifying computer recording. Now it works with iTunes
as well. Songwriter Spencer Critchley tests it with iTunes and Reason,
discovering how to loop song sections, create remote playlists, and
 even tranzform iTunes into a foot-controlled backup band.

***Automate Your Favorite Photoshop Routines
If you find yourself performing the same tasks over and over again in
Photoshop, it's time for you to tap the power of actions. Scott Bourne
shows you how.

***So Del.icio.us! Intelligent Tagging for the Mac User
It's time to learn about del.icio.us, a glorious, minimalist,
 tag-tastic bookmarks database. It was designed to be a "large-scale
 outboard memory," with added sharing smarts. It works like this: you
 take all your digital stuff and throw it into your del.icio.us
 account. Thanks to tagging and searching, you can find your stuff
 easily later. And you can find other people's stuff, too. Giles
 Turnbull shows you how.

***How Does Open Source Software Stack Up on the Mac?
Apple does a great job of providing elegant software for its platform.
But there are plenty of good offerings beyond the fruits of Cupertino.
In this amazing survey of proprietary and open source software, Matthew
Russell attempts to organize what's available on both fronts and even
dares to assign grades. Has he missed anything?

***Best Windows Admin Downloads
There are more than 9,000 tools, templates, white papers, and other
items available from the Microsoft Download Center. Which are the best
for Windows administrators? Mitch Tulloch clues you in.

***Drag and Drop Ajax Programming With Atlas
Think you need to write scripts and use JavaScript if you want to write
Atlas apps? Think again. Jesse Liberty shows you an easier, more
effective, and more productive way--using drag-and-drop programming.

***Deploying BIRT
If you have a need for generating or displaying reports, you may want
 to have a word with BIRT. The Business Intelligence and Reporting
 Tools project is an open source Eclipse effort to enable the creation
 and deployment of complex reports. Jason Weathersby shows you how to
 grind out reports and display them in web applications and RCP-based
 desktop apps.

***What Is Geronimo?
Geronimo is Apache's open source, Java EE-compatible application
 server, based on a flexible system of interchangeable components. This
 makes it ideal for a wide range of enterprise deployments. In this
 article, Kunal Jaggi shows you how to get started with Geronimo.

***Receive MAKE's "Weekend Project" PDF Podcast Through iTunes

Picnic Geometry:
In this weeks video edition of Weekend Projects, learn to make
 geometric spheres from all sorts of things you might find at a picnic.
 Watch the video to see how to build an icosohedron out of paper
 plates, cups, and plastic sheeting. This is a great project to do as a
 family, just make sure you have enough supplies for each person
 involved to make one. If possible, use recycled materials.

Recent projects include:
"Make A Kite Aerial Photography Rig"

Rodent Powered Nightlight

***MacOSG Interviews O'Reilly Editor Edie Freedman
Edie discusses the O'Reilly animals, our Photoshop Cookbooks, and the
 2006 O’Reilly Photoshop Cook-Off contest. Here are the details from
 Macsimum News.

***OSCON Feedback
OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, is winding down. Conference
publicist Suzanne Axtell took a microphone into the exhibit hall and
asked various attendees and sponsors for their thoughts on OSCON.

Until next time--

Marsee Henon

1005 Gravenstein Highway North
Sebastopol, CA   95472
http://ug.oreilly.com/  http://ug.oreilly.com/creativemedia/




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