[Pdx-pm] REMINDER: What I Learned at OSCON -- August meeting

Seven till Seven scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 16:44:35 PDT 2006

Seven days, three hours, and 9 minutes away.  (about a week)

  Wed, August 9th 6:53pm at FreeGeek.

A lot of us went to OSCON and/or the activities around it this year.  Of 
course it is impossible for any one person to have caught everything 
interesting, so the August meeting will be a lightning-round of 
informational tidbits.

  What did you learn in the tutorials, sessions, hallway, and exhibits?

  What was the coolest thing Damian taught you about vim?

  What were the coolest sessions?

  How did your presentation go?

  When should we short our MS stock?

  Who threw the best parties?

  Where was the best beer/food?

  Who did you meet and what are they working on?

  Why are pdx.pm shirts so popular with the ladies?

If you didn't go to OSCON, you may be asked what you learned at 
notOSCON, but come anyway and catch-up on the latest.

Bring at least one or two buzzwords or URLs.  If you want to talk for a 
couple minutes about one thing, there will probably be time.  We'll try 
to go around once or twice.

At the end we'll have a handful of possible topics for future meetings 
and a whole pile of conversation starters for the bar.



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