[Pdx-pm] OSCON 2.0

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at acm.org
Wed Apr 19 07:01:33 PDT 2006

Eric Wilhelm wrote:
>>OSCON ...
> Seems to be a lot of "2.0" stuff going on this year.  Web 2.0, Open 
> Source 2.0, etc. 2.0.  (where's matz with ruby 2.0?)
> Does anyone actually have *fond* memories of Dos 2.0, Windows 2.0, Linux 
> 2.0, Python 2.0, or Perl 2.0?  Anything 2.0?
> I know it's just a label, but if it's a label for a turning-point of 
> some sort, I would think past experience would teach us to give the 
> corner a wide berth and try to slingshot past 2.0 as quickly as 
> possible.

What about Web++, Web#, Web.NET.  Oh yeah Web# or Web.NET is what a 
certain Seattle based company thinks it should be.

Yeah all those twos were ... interesting.  Missed DOS 1.x used 2.x, saw 
Windows 1.x & 2.x and avoided it until 3.x, Linux 0.99 was where I got 
started ( found it ).  Missed Perl 2.x didn't find it until 4.036 ( on 
DOS 3 ).  What's a Python?  Some big snake ... right?   Still avoiding 
that. ( Wondering where PASCAL X.x -- the savior from bad programming 
practices -- went. ) Can't wait for Parrot 2.0.


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