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We're opening up the White Camel process, and are now taking

As I said on use Perl:

It's a new year and soon it will be time for the White Camel Awards to
be given. The White Camels recognize the many people who give their time
and effort to help Perl be not just a programming language, but a
community. This year, the White Camel committee would like to enlarge
the pool of possible winners, so we're opening a suggestion box. If
there's someone you feel has helped keep Perl going as a community, send
the name and your reasons to
href="mailto:whitecamel-suggestions at perl.org">whitecamel-suggestions at perl.org</a>
Keep in mind that these are awards for community service, not code. <a
http://www.perl.org/advocacy/white_camel/</a> gives the history and past
winners of the awards.

If you could pass that on, that would be great.



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