[Pdx-pm] Portland Perl Consultant Wanted

Steve Bonds gluv31702 at sneakemail.com
Mon May 23 15:36:25 PDT 2005

Portland Perl Mongers:

The company I work for (Menlo Worldwide,
http://www.menloworldwide.com) is looking for a Perl consultant for a
short-term engagement to improve the performance of a collection of
shell scripts supporting electronic data interchange.

The engagement would approximately 3 months.

The consultant would be expected to be on-site in Northwest Portland 8
hours a day during normal business hours, Monday through Friday during
the engagement.

We have a system that is getting beat into the ground by a bunch of
shell scripts doing things like sending/receiving files via FTP,
creating new files in a directory that already contains 100,000 other
files, and running the "find" command over millions of files
repeatedly.  The consultant would be engaged to solve the performance
issues created by these unwise practices.

We need someone with the following:
  + Good understanding of Perl and Perl performance optimization
  + Writes Perl that can be understood by Perl beginners
  + Understands details of how the Veritas filesystem performs
  + Can identify "hog" scripts using typical UNIX tools
  + Understands the UNIX internals behind shell scripting enough to
identify commands that are likely performance bottlenecks
  + Can "triage" which scripts should be optimized first so as to give
the best return on our consulting dollar
  + Familiar with the HP products Measureware and GlancePlus (optional)

As you may have gathered, the position is less about advanced Perl and
more about a really in-depth knowledge of UNIX/filesystem performance.
 However, folks who learn a lot of Perl tend to bump into these
internals often enough to go to the trouble to learn them.

Please send resumes to careers at menloworldwide.com.  You may CC: me on
them at gluv31702 at sneakemail.com if you have specific questions.  Only
use this E-mail address for resumes or questions on this position as
this address will likely be disabled shortly.

Consultants will be expected to work through one of Menlo Worldwide's
approved contracting agencies here in Portland.

Recruiters are welcome to respond, however be sure that your candidate
has the necessary skills to the depth I'm looking for.  You have
probably noticed that I did not list any "years of experience"; assume
that I'm looking only for very, very senior folks.  ;-)

As I come up with clarifications to this I may post followups-- look
for them before asking questions.

Thanks, and I hope to see one of you helping me out soon!

  -- Steve Bonds

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