[Pdx-pm] shopping carts ??

Daniel Browning db at kavod.com
Fri May 20 12:47:05 PDT 2005

Hello everyone, I'm new here.  Ovid pointed me here when he ran into me on
Perl Monks (thanks for the invite, Ovid).

> does anyone have any recommendations for shopping carts
> Some of my criteria
> -- I can install on a unix/linux without root access
> --I can be modify for a tour reservation system where tours have a fixed 
> number of slots (sort of like fixed inventory, I guess.)
> -- security (ssl).
> -- doesn't necessarily need mod_perl, caching etc.
> -- preferably perl-based
> I have searched around and found "interchange" as one of the perl options.
> http://www.icdevgroup.org/
> Does anyone have experience with this? any thoughts about it?

I'm biased since I'm an Interchange developer, but I think it's the best open
source e-commerce server out there.  It can be difficult to learn, but the
effort is worth it when you consider its modularity, speed, and out-of-the-box

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