[Pdx-pm] Presenter for June?

Eric Wilhelm ewilhelm at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 2 12:54:36 PDT 2005

# The following was supposedly scribed by
# Josh Heumann
# on Thursday 02 June 2005 11:45 am:

>it doesn't seem that anyone is really
>biting at the bit for any of these offers.

I'm game for a couple of Lightning talks (CAD::Drawing and/or 
Getopt::Modern).  I could also talk about the live-install scheme that 
I've been working on for integrating Perl development with version 

Michael:  How long would the podcast(s) be?

Austin:  How long would the Inline::C talk be?

If the answer is "short", I could also follow the latter with a 
discussion about Inline::Python, Inline::CPP, or an advanced Inline::C 
(data structures and other fun stuff) if there's any interest.

"...the bourgeoisie were hated from both ends: by the proles, because 
they had all the money, and by the intelligentsia, because of their 
tendency to spend it on lawn ornaments." 
                                          -- Neal Stephenson

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