[Pdx-pm] Mac OS X 10.2, Perl and mod_perl upgrades

Randall Lucas rlucas at tercent.com
Wed Jan 12 11:14:00 PST 2005

Hi mongers,

I'm looking for some assistance, paid in cash or in kind, with some 
upgrades to my Mac.

My Powerbook runs OS X 10.2.  My latest work relies upon Perl >> 5.6.0, 
and I need to be able to test things under an Apache/mod_perl 
environment as well.

Another issue is that I've got Fink installed, and have installed a 
bunch of stuff through Fink.  I installed Perl 5.8 from source and 
Apache with Apachetoolbox.

It took much, much finagling to get both Perl and Apache+mod_ssl to 
compile, including much guessing with config options, trial-and-error 
with -L flags, and unspeakable things done to Makefiles.  However, 1. I 
don't trust my Apache since I basically made it do a "shut up and 
compile" rather than addressing the underlying complaints, and 2. more 
importantly, my Perl is only marginally usable, with all of the old 
5.6.0 XS libraries barfing.  At this point, I have concluded that I am 
Not Smart Enough for this task.

I am looking for an OS X geek who has upgraded Perl and Apache + 
mod_perl + mod_ssl successfully on OS X 10.2, and can repeat the process 
on my machine so I have some notion that it was done "the right way."  I 
will buy dinner, or beer, or both, or we can work out a cash price. 
I'll be at the meeting tonight (wearing a black sweater; don't just say 
"Randall" aloud or you'll receive a deafening chorus in reply).


Randall Lucas			DF93EAD1
Tercent, Inc / SuperSurvey Online Surveys

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