[Pdx-pm] Lisp class

Randall Hansen randall at sonofhans.net
Sat Apr 30 19:43:06 PDT 2005

On Apr 30, 2005, at 6:55 PM, Eric Wilhelm wrote:

> "You could translate simple Lisp programs  into Python line for line." 
>   That says to me that lisp has too many lines.


> Admittedly, I don't really know lisp, but I've seen people who sing its
> praises knock perl in favor of python while demonstrating that they
> don't really know perl, so I feel pretty comfortable out on this
> ledge :-)

interestingly, MJD says, in his new book[1] (which is supposed to be 
fabulous; i've only read a little), that he finds perl and lisp quite 
similar.  i also don't know lisp.  knowing what i do about the book, 
your map() advice seems sound.

FWIW, paul graham's lisp advice is part of his schtick.  he made 
fuck-you money with lisp, so naturally has an affinity for it.  not 
that this disqualifies his opinion, but IMHO you should view it in the 
same light as randal schwartz's opinions about perl :)  with that much 
knowledge, nearly every problem looks solvable with your tool of 


1)  http://perl.plover.com/hop/

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