[Pdx-pm] producing print quality pdfs

Dennis McNulty dennis at giantfir.com
Sat Apr 16 14:40:58 PDT 2005

Another option that's less programming intensive is a combination of the 
flat-file database reading and PDF file writing features in Open 
Office.  I don't know if OO's PDF output quality would be up to your 

- Dennis McNulty

Ben Prew wrote:

>You mentioned that you didn't want to convert from HTML to pdf, but
>what about from latex to pdf?
>Where I work we create files in (la)tex and then use pdflatex[1] to
>convert them to .pdf.
>I'm not sure how much precision you need, but it provides enough for
>the kind of work we are doing, which is displaying tabular data with
>headers and footers.
>1. pdflatex on Redhat is provided by the tetex-latex rpm
>On 4/15/05, Jeff Lesh <leffjesh at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I need to create "on the fly" pdfs which are of high enough quality to
>>send as officially typeset stationery orders to a printer--as in an
>>offsite printing house.   I have looked at many solutions linked from a
>>great article on pdfzone () and have found pdflib as likely my best
>>option.  Pdflib has an opensource component here
>>(http://www.pdflib.org/products/pdflib/download-source.html) and it
>>supports and seems to have some examples for Perl.
>>Does anyone have any words of wisdom about pdflib or other similar
>>My main concern is that I am able to:
>>1) produce pdfs of high enough precision and quality (that means no
>>HTML to PDF converters);
>>2) if possible separate the static and dynamic aspects (i.e. allow
>>someone else--an art director/designer--to create the initial
>>templates, from which I can swap out things like TITLE, NAME, etc);
>>3) be reasonably easy to learn the library/module and to implement; and
>>4) be cheap or free.
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