[Pdx-pm] producing print quality pdfs

Ben Prew ben.prew at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 23:58:43 PDT 2005

You mentioned that you didn't want to convert from HTML to pdf, but
what about from latex to pdf?

Where I work we create files in (la)tex and then use pdflatex[1] to
convert them to .pdf.

I'm not sure how much precision you need, but it provides enough for
the kind of work we are doing, which is displaying tabular data with
headers and footers.

1. pdflatex on Redhat is provided by the tetex-latex rpm

On 4/15/05, Jeff Lesh <leffjesh at gmail.com> wrote:
> I need to create "on the fly" pdfs which are of high enough quality to
> send as officially typeset stationery orders to a printer--as in an
> offsite printing house.   I have looked at many solutions linked from a
> great article on pdfzone () and have found pdflib as likely my best
> option.  Pdflib has an opensource component here
> (http://www.pdflib.org/products/pdflib/download-source.html) and it
> supports and seems to have some examples for Perl.
> Does anyone have any words of wisdom about pdflib or other similar
> solutions?
> My main concern is that I am able to:
> 1) produce pdfs of high enough precision and quality (that means no
> HTML to PDF converters);
> 2) if possible separate the static and dynamic aspects (i.e. allow
> someone else--an art director/designer--to create the initial
> templates, from which I can swap out things like TITLE, NAME, etc);
> 3) be reasonably easy to learn the library/module and to implement; and
> 4) be cheap or free.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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