[Pdx-pm] $|++ and CGI

Todd Caine tcaine at eli.net
Mon Sep 20 13:51:52 CDT 2004


On (Mon, Sep 20 11:33), Roderick A. Anderson wrote:
> Not sure if this is a perl, CGI, Webserver, or Browser issue.
> I'd like to keep updating a page from a scripts until a process finishes.
> In my own simplex mind I figured I'd loop, sleep for a few seconds, check
> the status of the process and then either present the waiting page (again
> maybe with a "how long" in it) or the finished process page.  This could
> take up to two minutes so I'd rather not just have them wait. Oh yeah, the
> script is called from another script I have no control over or access to.
> So far my tricks haven't been tricky enough.  I get the same page repeated
> down the browser.  I thought the $| would help but it didn't.
> I'm using CGI.pm and perl 5.8 on a Win2K Server with whatever version of
> IIS it has.  (You can tell I'm impressed with Windows ... right?)
> Is there a solution for this combination or at least the portion I have
> to deal with and can't -- Win2K/IIS?
> Thanks,
> Rod
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