[Pdx-pm] $|++ and CGI

Roderick A. Anderson raa at mailporter.net
Mon Sep 20 13:33:19 CDT 2004

Not sure if this is a perl, CGI, Webserver, or Browser issue.
I'd like to keep updating a page from a scripts until a process finishes.

In my own simplex mind I figured I'd loop, sleep for a few seconds, check
the status of the process and then either present the waiting page (again
maybe with a "how long" in it) or the finished process page.  This could
take up to two minutes so I'd rather not just have them wait. Oh yeah, the
script is called from another script I have no control over or access to.

So far my tricks haven't been tricky enough.  I get the same page repeated
down the browser.  I thought the $| would help but it didn't.

I'm using CGI.pm and perl 5.8 on a Win2K Server with whatever version of
IIS it has.  (You can tell I'm impressed with Windows ... right?)

Is there a solution for this combination or at least the portion I have
to deal with and can't -- Win2K/IIS?


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