[Pdx-pm] October Meeting

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Mon Oct 4 11:52:14 CDT 2004

--- Randall Hansen <randall at sonofhans.net> wrote:
> On Oct 3, 2004, at 10:18 PM, Josh Heumann wrote:
> > So, are there any objections to having two meetings this month?
> not from me; i think it's a fine idea.  'course i'll be out of town for
> the first one...

Well, theoretically you can skip the first one if you know OO Perl.  In reality, even those who
know OO Perl should probably go.  Learning OO Perl from someone who is familiar with more robust
OO systems is valuable.

It's also sort of a precursor to my testing presentation the following week (though to be fair, I
have a plan that should make things relatively painless regardless of whether or not you know OO


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