[Pdx-pm] PerlScript Execution

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at acm.org
Mon May 17 13:20:19 CDT 2004

This is a strange one (or at least to me).  And probably not quite on 
topic but if anyone can point me towards the correct information or at 
least the correct terms to do some more searching I would appreaciate it.

I've been given some ASP pages/scripts that use PerlScript for the coding 
but every time I try to run them I get the old familiar MS Windows 'it's 
broke message' with no useful information as to the real issue.

I am running several perl based CGIs on the same system and have no
problem and can make the ASP scripts 'not error' if I remove the

	<%@ language="PerlScript" %>



constructs/wrappers and rename the file with a .plx instead of .asp

All searching using Google returns how to write CGIs (which I'm doing just
fine) though one search result indicated IIS should be stopped before
installing perl (ActiveState/ActivePerl).  We're using the free version so
I figure that could be a problem.

Any suggestions?  (I did check the definitive scripts source - 
http://www.stonehenge.com/merlyn/ :-)

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