[Pdx-pm] MIME::Lite headaches

John Springer techdude at dpo.org
Fri May 14 20:01:12 CDT 2004

I could sure use some help with MIME::Lite.

I'm trying to send an email that consists of an HTML part and an 
alternative text/plain part,
and I want to have images for the HTML part embedded in the email.  It 
kinda sorta works, but not quite.

Problem 1.  I can't seem to get a valid reference for the images in the 
HTML page.  I'm using src="cid:image_id"
but it's clearly not finding the image to display.  I notice that 
MIME::Lite is putting this in the header for the graphic:
Content-Id: image_id
I think it's supposed to be Content-ID: image_id, but I'm not sure how 
to change the case of that tag,
and I'm not sure that's the problem anyway.

Problem 2. The other thing I can't figure out is when I send a 
multipart/alternative with text and html, I';m only
seeing the plain text version on my mail reader.  I see HTML mails all 
the time.  Is there some way
to indicate a precedence or something?

I've sent myself about 100 messages today with all the tweaks I can 
think of.  Anyone have any suggestions as to
how to debug this or what to look for?

My message structure looks like this:
type: multipart/related; boundary=A
type: multipart/alternative; boundary=B
	type text/html
	type text/plain
type image/gif
type image/gif

   John Springer
   Tech Dude
   Democratic Party of Oregon

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