[Pdx-pm] modperl irritations

Todd Caine tcaine at eli.net
Fri May 14 16:06:50 CDT 2004

Apache::StatINC might be useful.

Are you using Apache::Registry so that you can run unaltered CGI scripts under Apache?

All I can think of is check your global variables because they will be persistent.


I prefer to deal with these types of problems by writing the CGI using CGI::Application to begin with; I realize this may not be an option now.  It make life really easy when changing from mod_cgi to mod_perl.

My $0.02,

On (Fri, May 14 13:33), Austin Schutz wrote:
> 	We run modperl to make our website run fast instead of crawl.
> Unfortunately, occasionally modperl will seem to cache some of the data,
> hosing the data on the site.
> 	As a workaround we've been restarting the webserver every few
> hours, and I've tried doing things like initializing lexicals before using
> them, but nothing seems to help in a meaningful permanent way. What's really
> irritating is that it is generally unreproduceable and if you think you have
> an idea of how to work around it, you can't tell for several more hours...
> 	Does anyone have a tried and true method for dealing with this?
> 	Danke,
> 	Austin
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