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> From: Juliana Freire <juliana at cse.ogi.edu>
> Date: January 23, 2004 11:22:18 AM PST
> To: dbreading at cse.ogi.edu
> Cc: Juliana Freire <juliana at cse.ogi.edu>
> Subject: [DBRG] internship opportunity with the Irisnet group at Intel
> Hi All,
> There is an internship opportunity for an Intel/OSU project:
> "The internship would start in the spring and run through the
> end of the summer (6 months), although a summer-only internship (3
> months) is fine as well.  The student would be located at Oregon State
> in Corvallis, working closely with the oceanographers there (headed by
> the Dean, Mark Abbott) and their IT folks.
> The student should be a good Java and C programmer. He/she should be
> familiar with (or can learn quickly) XML, networking (e.g., 
> socket-level
> programming), and basic image processing.  Most importantly, the 
> student
> should be interested in working with domain scientist (in this case
> oceanographers) to develop and deploy a distributed XML software system
> that the scientists find useful."
> If you are interested, let me know ASAP.
> Juliana.
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