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Speaking of "what's out there", has anyone used R as a statistical 
analysis environment?  (www.r-project.org)
Does one need to learn the R language to use the tools develeped with 
it, or can one use perl wrappers to develop pipelines of R-tools?

Écrasez l'Infâme

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> --- Austin Schutz <tex at off.org> wrote:
>> 	I disagree with the "toy" assessment. I guess that's my point. :-)
> When I first started programming in the early 80s, BASIC was a serious
> business language.  As business required more, the limitations of BASIC
> became apparent.  Frankly, BASIC would work for many of the smaller
> applications out there, it just wouldn't be the best choice.  If most
> other languages cost a ton of money, though, BASIC would have a strong
> following (as it did when it came free with many computers.)
> I can't prove it, but I'm willing to be that many of those BASIC
> programmers would fiercely defend their choice of language.  And you
> know what?  They would be right.   If BASIC was the only free language
> most programmers would know BASIC and it would be a ubiquitous tool
> with programmers touting the CBAN to handle much of the heavy lifting.
> If that's the tool available, that's fine and there's nothing wrong
> with it, but few would really argue that BASIC can hold a candle to
> Perl or other modern programming languages.
> If Oracle were free and open-source, we wouldn't be having this
> discussion.  If MySQL/BASIC fits your needs, that's OK, but they both
> still have serious limitations.  Need  partitioning?  Need
> (functioning) writeable views?  Flashback queries?  Materialized views?
>  There's a ton more, but you get the idea.  If someone needs these
> features but doesn't have them, they do workarounds.
> And just to reiterate, in case my point was lost:  there's nothing
> wrong with MySQL.  If it fits your needs, fine.  If you need more, you
> may not realize it if you don't know what else is out there.
> Cheers,
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