[Pdx-pm] Ruby job (Perl programmers can apply)

Phil Tomson ptkwt at aracnet.com
Tue Aug 24 17:04:09 CDT 2004

I sent this to the Portland and Seattle Ruby mailing lists and it seems 
that everyone is currently employed there (what a change from a year 

Since this was my old job (actually, they already found my replacement, 
now they're hiring another person) I know a bit about what's going on there.  
Since they haven't found an available Ruby expert, I think they would do fine 
with someone who knows Perl and is familiar with OO programming - so if 
you are good with Perl and OO and would be willing to learn Ruby (and get 
paid while learning it:) don't let the requirements scare you.  The person 
you would be working with is a Ruby expert so he'll be able to help 
bring you up to speed.

Also, they list C/C++, but there will be very little of that.  The vast 
majority of the code is being done in Ruby.  

See below for more info.

Please don't reply to me, reply to Gina Ash (email & phone# below).


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Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 09:52:11 -0400
From: Gina Ash <gina_ash at hotmail.com>
Reply-To: gina at wizardstaffing.com
To: ptkwt at aracnet.com
Subject: New contract position!

Dear Phil,
I just saw your resume on Monster.com.  Although it is from a year ago,
 I have a position (described below) with Intel Corp that might interest
Intel sends their jobs out to about 15 companies.  It is your choice as
to whom you work with so first, here is some info about us at Wizard

1) We are a primary vendor with Intel, have worked with them since 1993
2) We adhere to the principles of the “Contractors’ Bill of Rights” and
always disclose our billing rates and markup.
3) Our markup is one of the lowest in the industry, enabling us to get
HIGHER RATES for our consultants while meeting client goals.
4)We have optional full benefits available for contract workers
5)We are locally owned and operated in Oregon
If you are interested in the following job, and fit the specified
requirements (SEE BELOW), please send me an email reply with your current
resume attached and hourly rate,  and let me know the best time to call
gina at wizardstaffing.com

Request Number: 87066
Assignment Information
Project Location: OR
Project Name: SW Engineer- Ruby,C, C++-License Acquistion/ Reg Process
Desired Start Date: 08/30/2004
Length of Engagement: 3 months
Shift: 01
Primary Skill:
Other Skills: 

Roles & Responsibilities
Desired Start Date: ASAP
Estimated Assignment Length: 3 months

Is the position Full Time or Part Time: Full Time

Position Title: Software Engineer (Contractor)

Project Description:  The license acquisition and registration process
many of the major Intel software like Compilers, VTune etc is not very
intuitive. This project is to streamline the process and enhance the
customer experience when purchasing an Intel Software Product thereby
allowing cost saving and manufacturing efficiency changes. This project
high profile with direct impact to Intel customers.

Daily Responsibilities:  Developing a dynamic/interactive UI (both
& text base) for Linux* and Windows*.  Developing  and maintaining a
utility which reads a user's system and provides feedback on
license/product eligibility and does transparent license handling.
Validation testing. Technical Documentation

Please indicated %travel required: None.
Years of Experience Desired: 5+ years
Expertise Level: Mid to Sr.

Necessary Skills: Ruby; C/C++ programming;  GUI programming 
experience; .
Must be a ble to develop code for both the Linux and Windows operating
systems ;

Additional Skills Desired :
Highly Desired:    
 FlexLM licensing
    knowledge of SSL

Nice to have:
    Experience using version control (preferably CVS)


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