[Pdx-pm] Audience Participation Testing

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Fri Aug 13 18:27:31 CDT 2004

OK.  It looks like enough people like this idea that I'll do it.  Josh has tentatively agreed to
let me have the October slot.  Here are my thoughts:

1.  I will have no presentation.  This will all be ad-lib aside from a few opening comments.
2.  Everyone participates.  This will be "pair programming" with a curious definition of "pair."
3.  Think of module ideas.  It's a more realistic example if you see how it really works.

Of course, I'll have a couple of backup module ideas just in case everyone has crazy ideas like
"build a pure Perl Prolog implementation" (I know that's crazy.  I've tried it.)

Practical module ideas are great, but things that rely on standard modules are preferred as
there's no guarantee that I'll have the requisite module installed, though I'll have DBD::SQLite
in case we want to do some database work.  As a last resort, I might just do something silly like
a base class for role-playing characters (similar to AD&D -- if I can remember it.)

Also, a backup laptop or two wouldn't hurt on the off chance that mine is giving me trouble.  I
sometimes do strange things to it.


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