[Pdx-pm] reading a broken CSV file

Jeff Zucker jeff at vpservices.com
Fri Nov 21 18:32:41 CST 2003

Colin Kuskie wrote:

>Get a line.
>Feed it into some module that handles CSV and returns an array of elements
If that module is Text::CSV_XS, then the rest of this is irrelevant 
because it handles embedded newlines.  But since Eric is dealing with 
DBI and a database already, I can't think of any reason that DBD::CSV 
isn't the right tool for this job, but I'm prejudiced.

>Do I have enough columns?
>NO: Remove newline from present line;
>    Fetch another line from file;
>    Append it to the current line and check again.
>YES: Push data into database.
Text::CSV_XS and DBD::CSV do all that for you.


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