[Pdx-pm] Open Source Bill Moved to Senate

david pool dpool at hevanet.com
Wed May 28 16:26:09 CDT 2003

Below is an announcement from the bill's author. It was posted to the 
PLUG. Again, it's been asked that perlmongers channel discussions to the 
Moss list.

david pool


Sally at Rep. Barnhart's office says that it's time to "turn our 
tigers loose on the Senate."

An amendment has been proposed to SB 589 to change it from it was 
(an agricultural bill) into an open-source bill.  The language of 
the amended SB 589 is identical to what the amended version of 
HB2892 would have been had it lived.

The Chair of the committee hearing SB589 has consented to doing 
this, but the Senators on that committee need to hear support for 
the idea from their constituents before they're willing to vote 
it out.  Those Senators are:

Rick Metsger, Chair SD 26 (D-Welches) sen.rickmetsger at state.or.us 
Bruce Starr, vice-chair SD 15 (R-Hillsboro, Cornelius)
sen.brucestarr at state.or.us 
Ryan Deckert, SD 14 (D-Beaverton) sen.ryandeckert at state.or.us 
David Nelson, SD 29 (R-Pendleton) sen.davidnelson at state.or.us

We need support from at least three of these four to get the bill 
out of committee.  All four have already heard from Phil Barnhart 
and have a copy of the amendment, with several pieces of 
background material, in hand.  They understand what the bill is 
about and just need to hear from their constituents that there is 
support for it in their districts.

Considering the piece that ran in last Sunday's Oregonian, this is 
an excellent time to call or write to your State Senator about 
amending and passing out SB 589.

Ken Barber
Author, HB 2892

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