[Pdx-pm] Perl executables...

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Wed May 21 16:46:47 CDT 2003

>>>>> "Nick" == Nick Wehr <nick2canz at yahoo.com> writes:

Nick>   I was wondering if anyones messed around with
Nick> converting your perl script into a binary executable. 
Nick> I've seen various tools such as Activestates dev kit
Nick> and Indigos perl2exe.  How have you guys done it?  I
Nick> want to be able to distribute scripts that utilize
Nick> modules without the need of an interpreter.  It seems
Nick> to me that this is never really directly addressed in
Nick> all the books I've read other than embedding your
Nick> script into a C program.  Anyone?

See PAR in the CPAN.

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