[Pdx-pm] Why can't you just set a PM date and keep it?

David Pool dpool at hevanet.com
Sat May 10 15:45:32 CDT 2003

Curtis Poe wrote:
> Hi all,

> For the record (as far as I can recall) the only messages that I have *not*
> approved for the list have been of the "Gain an extra 3 inches on your ink
> cartridge" type of messages.


3 inches! sweet, tell me more, see i've got this friend....

As for the rest of that conversation, it seemed a little rough and i think some 
feathers were ruffled. Let's move on. If you or anyone else knows of a get 
together with Mr. Tilly, post it to the list so we can all have the chance to 
drink some beer, ahem, i mean meet him...


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