[Pdx-pm] Why can't you just set a PM date and keep it?

Jeff Zucker jeff at vpservices.com
Fri May 9 19:26:40 CDT 2003

Benjamin J. Tilly wrote:

>It seems that you have little appreciation

Hi Ben,

Perl mongers, at least here in Portland, seems to work with everyone 
saying something rather than one person saying it for the rest of us.  
Joshua made some proposals, there were counterpropsals and suggestions 
of preferences by several others, all here on the list.  Next time, join 
the list and write in and say "I'm going to be in pdx between X and Y, 
any chance the meeting could be then?" and I'm sure Joshua and the rest 
of us would have tried to accomodate.  The downside of changeable dates 
is they get changed, the upside is we can be flexible to requests from 
individuals.  Sorry it didn't work out this time around.


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