[Pdx-pm] Why can't you just set a PM date and keep it?

Benjamin J. Tilly ben_tilly at operamail.com
Fri May 9 18:54:43 CDT 2003


It seems that you have little appreciation for the fact that you
never know when someone has been laying down advance plans, and will
be inconvenienced if you move a perlmongers meeting.  For the future,
please lay down a date well in advance, and leave it fixed.  Being in
the habit of doing that will make things go *much* more smoothly in the
long run.

An example of what changing the event at the last minute does.

I'm not sure whether you know who I am, but several people at Portland
PM do, and I had been looking forward to meeting them.  (And hopefully
vice versa.)  When I flew out to the West Coast I was told that it
would be May 14, and planned accordingly (including taking out a car
rental that would mean I have less time to spend with family).  When I
was told by Curtis that you had moved it to Sunday, I was
inconvenienced but began to make plans so that I could show up on
Sunday.  Now that it is Saturday, it has become impossible for me to
show at all at this point.

In short, I didn't care what the date was, I just needed it to be
something that I could rely on and knew well in advance.

So for all of the people who frequent Perlmonks and might want to meet
me on my trip, I am going to be staying with Curtis and something
informal might happen Monday.  (Or less likely, Tuesday or Wednesday.)
The best way to find out if that is workable is to talk to him.
Otherwise I will pass through Portland but your best chance of running
into me is at the Seattle PM on May 20.  See their site for exact time
and location.

And perhaps another time I can arrange to get to a Portland PM. :-(


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