[Pdx-pm] Perl and XS

Andrew S. Clapp clapp at netscum.com
Tue Mar 18 12:51:56 CST 2003

 > I've got a topic for conversation for you Perl Wizards
 > out there.  I'm interested in XS and what it can do for

 It will allow you to speed up something that is easily done in C, but 
 less obviously done in perl.  You could say, pass something out to
 C for heavy-heavy bit shifting, and get back the result.

 > me.  Have any of you wrote an XS extention?  What was
 > the motivation?  Why did you choose the C library that

 The motivation though, was to pass data back and forth between
 apache's C API and perl talking to Oracle.  We used SWIG,
 www.swig.org, but I believe XS has passed it since then as
 far as perl is concerned.
 > you did?  Say I wanted to make an extention for
 > sockets.  Where would I start?  What documentation
 > would I need to program it correctly.  Where would I
 > get those docs?  Is it practical to use?  I assume you
 > have to build it, is that ever a problem?  Any
 > information from anyone would be appreciated.  Thanks a
 > bunch.  -Nick

 I don't suppose I follow you now.  What's wrong with 
     use Socket; 


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