[Pdx-pm] Building systems...

Jeff Zucker jeff at vpservices.com
Mon Jun 30 12:37:59 CDT 2003

Nick Wehr wrote:

>I am researching ways to implement a pure perl
>application which would -
>* interface with mySql database
I'm not sure how far you want to carry the pure perl bit.  For example 
DBI and DBD::mysql are not pure perl.  If that's ok, then ignore the 
rest of this.

Iif you want everything except for the MySQL rdbms itself to be pure 
perl you'll need to use DBI::PurePerl  (part of the DBI distribution) 
with either 1) DBD::Proxy going to a remote instance of DBD::mysql and 
remote MySQL db or 2) DBD::mysqlPP going directly to a local MySQL db.

DBI::PurePerl is pretty stable, fairly well tested, and slow compared to 
DBI itself but not necessarily significantly slower depending on the 
context.  DBD::Proxy is mature and stable.  DBD::mysqlPP seems to have a 
few bugs but some people have had success with it.   These kinds of 
combinations have been used on platforms with very minimal perl installs 
including, e.g. pocketPC, and should work anywhere that perl 5.005 and 
up does.

[disclaimer: I'm co-author of DBI::PurePerl]


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